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Welcome Bootcampers, to the Mindfluence Revolution!

This page was created exclusively for Dr. Barbara Eaton’s Bootcampers, so if you’re here, we welcome you to a completely new perspective on the human side of the business of chiropractic. For more information about the people and philosophies behind the Mindfluence Revolution, spend some time browsing our web site by clicking on some of the links at top.

Dr. Matthew K. Norton, DC                                   Bruce Hurley
“America’s Holistic Doctor”                                  “America’s Business Adviser”



First Things First. . . the Instructions

Please read these instructions before scrolling down:

  1. Make sure that you watch our 7 Bootcamp videos in the order provided to you.

  2. After each video, find the corresponding content below and complete as much of the work as you can before going to the next video.

  3. The podcast episodes (and corresponding assignments) are provided for those who want to go much deeper into a particular topic. We don’t expect that you will be able to listen to all of them. You can always come back later to finish the podcasts.

  4. Don’t skip ahead to upcoming training materials before you watch the corresponding Bootcamp video.

The Mindfluence YOUniverse

The Mindfluence YOUniverse infographic below represents our perspective, our philosophy, and our approach to business. Each section of this image can be the subject of an entire book, but it’s important that you at least appreciate that all the outcomes you seek will come from staying true to this flow. 

Here’s how to read this graphic:

  • Start with the red circle representing the Public’s Unmet Needs. There is a massive need for your services, but the public is largely ignorant of the beneficial outcomes that you provide. It is your obligation to identify and take inspiration from those unmet needs to inform every action in your practice.
  • The blue circle represents your Vision, starting with your Personal Inspired Message (why you do what you do) and culminating in your Unique Compelling Contribution statement (what differentiates you from everyone else).
  • The yellow circle is the Business Model, where all your interaction with the public occurs.
  • At the center of the graphic is YOU, the inspirational leader at helm. You are the center of your own practice YOUniverse. You are the primary inspiration for your team and the people you serve. You are the source of innovation, leadership, contribution, and passion that fuels your team’s actions and ethically influences your patients to take action to improve their own lives.
  • The terms in black within the Business Model are explained below the infographic.

Where Does It Hurt? Book

Dr. Norton’s breakthrough book is a revelation of insights that will inspire you and provide supporting information that you can use to educate and inspire the people you serve. Click the image below to see it on Amazon. If you want an autographed copy discounted for Bootcampers, send an email to


The four factors of Sustainable Success

  1. Sufficient wealth

  2. Contribution

  3. Fun/low stress

  4. Time freedom

Click the link above to read or download.

The Invisible Contribution Manifesto

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world…are the ones who do.”
– Steve Jobs

Are you crazy enough to think that YOU can change the world? Well we are…and we challenge you to release your creative genius and join us on this mission, because people all over your community and across the planet are suffering and in need of your help. They desperately need to hear your message and you will change lives when the public truly hears you.

Woodrow Wilson said: “We are not here merely to make a living; we are here to enrich the world.” And while that’s certainly true, never think that it’s one or the other; it’s both–you can enrich the world and you do it by optimizing your business.

This truth is brought to you in crystal clarity in the Mindfluence Invisible Contribution Manifesto. The insights in this document are the driving forces of contribution behind a successful business and a life well-lived.

At the end of the Invisible Contribution Manifesto is a link to a simple questionnaire that will help you implement these insights.

Audio Podcast on Sustainable Success

Click the image AT LEFT to listen to the podcast.

Sustainability is extremely important to the success of your business because without having an effective sustainability plan, your business could be joining the 96% that fail within 10 years. Wouldn’t you rather be among the 4%?  It’s actually quite simple to achieve, but you must have a plan.

True success should consist of generating wealth; providing a unique, compelling, and meaningful contribution; enjoying the work process; and also having time freedom to relax, regenerate, and enjoy life.  This will allow you to experience joy and fulfillment in the process instead of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated.

This podcast episode will help you to appreciate the value of generating a sustainability plan for your business that will liberate you to live your best life and propel you to the next level of wealth and fulfillment. When you are finished listening, please complete the sustainable success exercise by clicking on the image AT RIGHT.






Emerald City Dream Sheet

You will likely never arrive at your destination unless you know EXACTLY where you’re going. Your Dream Sheet is the starting point of the journey to your own Emerald City passionately desired outcome. Click either of these images to take you to Step One in this life-changing process.




“Designing Your Compelling Future” Podcast

Click the image above to listen to this podcast episode.

What is your biggest desired future? What is your dream outcome? When it comes to these answers, most people are uncertain as to where they’d like to go. However, if they do ever come up with a destination, it gets put into one of three categories as to when they should act on it: Now, someday, or never. In this compelling podcast, Dr. Matthew Norton and Bruce Hurley discuss the three success factors to achieving your desired future and lifestyle so that you’ll never put your dreams on hold. Click the image at right to get started.



Click the image at left to complete the
“Designing Your Compelling Future”






Your Unique Compelling Contribution (UCC) Statement

Given what you learned in the video about the importance of designing your own “Unique Compelling Contribution” statement, click on the image AT LEFT for your own UCC Creation Workbook.

You can print out the workbook and write your answers on that, or simply type them into a Word document.

When you’ve completed this workbook, share your final UCC by clicking the image AT RIGHT:




Creative Innovation Podcast

Click on the image below to listen to this podcast:

Once you listen to the above podcast, click the image below to complete your assignment:


Influence Podcast

Click on the image below to listen to this podcast:

Once you listen to the above podcast, click the image below to complete your assignment:

Two Powerful Influence Strategies

Click the image AT LEFT for a one-page primer on how to use a simple approach to ethically influence people to take action that’s in their own best interests.

Click the image AT RIGHT to learn the four most powerful words in influence that will help you get people off the fence and into the help that they desperately need.





27 Qualities of an Effective Leader

Click the image below to learn the 27 qualities of an effective leader. As you read through them, take an inventory of which ones you feel require the most attention in your own approach to your business.

Podcast on Leadership

Click on the image below to listen to this podcast:

Once you listen to the above podcast, click the image below to complete your assignment:

Podcast on Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

Click on the image below to listen to this podcast:

Click the image below to request your own personalized Emotional Quotient assessment at 20% off for boot camp participants. Provide your full name, business name, and cell phone number so we can keep in touch with you.


Team Culture

You have a team culture whether you know it or not. The trick is to have an INTENTIONAL culture that serves your passionately desired outcomes clarified in your Emerald City Vision.

Click on the image AT LEFT to discover the importance of developing an intentional team culture.

Click on the image AT RIGHT for your team culture assignment.




Understanding Behavior Styles

Click on the image below to listen to this podcast:

Once you listen to the above podcast, click the image below to complete your assignment:


The Business Breakthrough Call

If they really consider it, what most practice owners want is a breakthrough. You may already know in what areas you need a breakthrough, but perhaps just not how to do it. Or you may not fully realize all the different areas that will require breakthroughs.

The good news is that you CAN get the breakthroughs you need, but you do have to uncover what they are and then you have to develop a plan to achieve them. That’s where we come in. We’re in the breakthrough business. And because you’re a participant in Dr. Barbara’s bootcamp, we’re going to give you a free one-on-one call to jump start the process. No sales. No hype. Just a 100% focus on your breakthroughs. Click the button below to get started:

After you schedule the call, you’ll be taken to the most important questionnaire you may ever complete. It will only take a few minutes, but it will highlight all your areas of challenge. You must complete this questionnaire before the call. It will be life-changing!

The Importance of a Business Diagnosis

Click on the image below to listen to this podcast:

Once you listen to the above podcast, click the image below to complete your assignment:

The Mindfluence Revolution Experience

If  you haven’t already spoken personally to a Mindfluence certified trainer, then what are you waiting for? Schedule a call today after filling out this brief questionnaire. The return on your investment of time and energy will be off the charts!

But don’t take our word for it–hear it for yourself by clicking the image AT RIGHT, or read what more than a hundred others have said (without us even asking!) by clicking the image AT LEFT.


A Special Offer for Dr. Barbara’s Bootcampers ONLY. . .

Many bootcampers have asked us “What’s next?” because they’ve seen the value we create in a short period of time and they’re naturally curious about the next level of engagement. If you already feel overwhelmed by your involvement with the bootcamp and you can’t imagine having any more time or energy to devote to high-level success training, then it’s probably best that you wait until you’re wrapping up with Dr. Barbara before you inquire about what’s next with us.

However, if you’re eager to get to where you’re going as fast as possible and you’re willing to step up your level of involvement, then now may be the perfect time to ask about the Mindfluence Business Breakthrough Roadmap. It’s an approximately 45-day “guided discovery process” that identifies all of the challenges and opportunities of you and your team, and then lays out a roadmap for how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

As one of Barbara’s Bootcampers, you can enjoy an extraordinary 40% off this already value-rich offering. But to get this awesome discount, you must commit to getting started (whether you’re ready right now or after bootcamp is over) within 14 days of receiving your last Mindfluence video. That’s how we’re going to separate the serious visionaries from the merely curious.

We’re not even asking for any money down–just a date and a promise that you’ll be ready when the time comes. Intrigued? Then simply raise your hand to let us know you’d like our prospectus on the Mindfluence Business Breakthrough Roadmap. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW or send an email to saying “I’d like to know more!” You can also call us
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