Free download: “The 7 Indispensable Mindsets of Business Success”

Embrace these 7 mindsets and you will unlock the key to achieving your dreams. It’s that simple.

The Mindfluence Revolution…

Welcome to a new perspective in sustainable business and lifestyle-success design: The Mindfluence Revolution. We’re a brain-science-based, human-focused company founded on a vision of helping thousands of business leaders and their companies change the world for the better.

If you’re a business owner, expert professional, or a key leader in a larger company, then this is the place to achieve the breakthrough insights, strategies, and tactical guidance you need to accomplish any of the following:

Design your dream business to support your ideal lifestyle.

Develop your leadership and influence skills.

Enhance your company culture, team engagement, and communication.

Clarify your vision, inspired message, and unique compelling contribution.

Refine or even reinvent your business model for optimal wealth, contribution, fun, and time freedom.

Create the sustainable business and lifestyle success you seek, regardless of your current situation.

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Having spent over half a million dollars on coaching and training, I truly felt that I had gone as far as I could on my own. Then you came along and shed light on longstanding ‘blind spots’ that needed to be illuminated for me to create the practice of my dreams. Your guidance helped me have the “breakthrough” I desperately needed to more joyfully provide my valuable service with ease and great profitability. Truly, truly profound. Thank you!

– Dr. Brad Boeke

Thanks to you, 2016 was the best year ever for me, and it is ending very well. In all my years of working with coaches, I’ve never felt I had a team on my team. No coach has cared enough or had a business model that allowed for caring more about their client than they do about having their own “high volume” coaching practice–until Mindfluence. I believe that together we can accomplish all my goals and aspirations.

– Dr. Jeff Mitchell

Which one of these best describes you?

I’m relatively early in my entrepreneurial odyssey and I know I need help.

I’ve already worked with traditional consultants, coaches, or advisers and yet I continue to have some significant—even painful—challenges that seem to be preventing me from reaching my biggest desired outcomes.

My business is performing well and I’m on track toward my goals and dreams, and yet I still feel like there’s untapped potential waiting to be unleashed and I don’t want to die with my music still inside me.

I just want to more fully enjoy the journey with less stress, more free time, and greater speed and ease.

The bottom line is: whatever has brought you this far is probably not the thing that will get you to the next level. Why not consider an entirely different approach that’s been called “life-changing”, “pure gold,” and “truly, truly profound”?

I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made in my life. I had no vision and now I have a HUGE vision. You guys have encouraged me and helped me to learn things about myself that are so validating that really for the first time I feel free to be who I want to be.

I feel completely empowered by what you’ve taught me and I’m already seeing the benefits. This process has literally changed my life and it’s all so exciting that I can’t wait for what’s coming.

– Kelly Muzio

I was so overwhelmed with work and the chaos of my life that I felt like I was drowning. This training was like my life ring. I so appreciate everything that you’ve done for me. Thank you!

– Victoria Chapman

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You guys really have heart, class, and integrity. Implementing what I’ve learned in your training has led to bottom-line results that have blown me away! I knew there was a gap, a lot of things I didn’t know, I just didn’t know what they all were and what to really do about changing it until now. It’s been like pure gold.

– Dr. Richard Powers

Mindfluence Revolution Programs

45-Day Deep-Discovery Analysis of You, Your Team, and Your Business…

A Detailed Two-Year Plan to Get You from Where You are Now to Where You Want to Be…Faster than You Ever Imagined.

The Business Breakthrough, Liberation, and Sustainability Blueprint™

Our most popular personal-engagement program shows you and your team how to:

  • UNCOVER the unproductive habit patterns, unoptimized activities and approaches, blind spots, and mindsets that are blocking your success—and learn the secrets to blasting through them.
  • DISCOVER how to eliminate your overwhelming negative stress, expand understanding, enhance communication, and unlock the full human potential of you and your team.
  • RECOVER your true time freedom and lifestyle abundance through innovative approaches and entrepreneurial leverage.

7 Indispensable Mindsets for 
Total Entrepreneurial Freedom

How to Turn Your Passion into Profit while Changing 
the World. A Six-Week Online Course.

The Breakthrough Business-and-Lifestyle-Success Course

No business strategy or vision will ever be optimized until the visionary leader behind it (that’s you) embraces these 7 mindsets.

  • We promise that you will learn an approach that you’ve never seen before.
  • We guarantee (twice, actually) that adopting these mindsets will produce better results than you ever imagined.
  • We’re even going to show you all 7 mindsets before you even consider buying anything.

Discover Your Scores in each of the 13 Elements of Business Success…

The World’s Most Accurate 
and Helpful Assessment of Entrepreneurial Skills

The Mindfluence® Entreprescore™

Developed by entrepreneurs, academics, behavioral scientists, and doctors, the Entreprescore is the most accurate assessment of business skills ever created.

  • Takes only 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Receive a detailed 60-page report with all 13 business-success scores and insights.
  • Your report provides action plans personalized just for you.
  • Every entrepreneur needs to know their Entreprescore!

The “Revolutionary” Webinar that Will Rock Your World…

Obtain a Breakthrough in Your Business and Design a Lifestyle of Sustainable Wealth, Contribution, Fun, and Time Freedom in Just 45 Days. . .Guaranteed!

The Mindfluence® Revolution Webinar

Can a single 45-minute webinar really make a difference? This one can! Discover how much you can learn in one powerful online session.

  • Uncover the unproductive habit patterns and mindsets that are blocking your success—and learn the secrets to blasting through them.
  • Discover how to optimize your human assets and create ultimate time freedom and abundance through entrepreneurial leverage.
  • Learn the fastest ways to break through your business and personal blockages with a Liberation Blueprint (RELEASING), Action Plan (OBTAINING) and a Sustainability Plan (MAINTAINING).

Discover the Hidden Secrets of Your Own Subconscious…

5 Computerized Assessments that Reveal Your Deepest Challenges and Your Most Promising Opportunities.

The Mindfluence® Personal Discovery Experience

Decades of research and innovation have led to technology that can shine a light on the inner workings of the human mind.

  • Core Motivators Assessment shows you, at the deepest level, WHY you do what you do.
  • Behavior Style Assessment shows you HOW you do what you do—and how that affects your experience with others.
  • Stress Assessment uncovers the often-hidden factors that can sabotage your success.
  • Emotional Quotient Assessment highlights your self-awareness, emotional control, and relationship dynamics.
  • Mindfluence Entreprescore™ gives your score in each of the 13 Elements of Business Success.

Four Powerful and Surprising Declarations to Inspire and Inform…

Inspirational Perspectives that Will Change Your Life for the Better… IF You’re Ready for Them!

The Mindfluence® Manifesto Experience

Can the written word change the world? History seems to prove that conclusion very powerfully! These manifestos will have a positive impact on your business and lifestyle because they will change your perspective about how and why you do what you do. They’re meant to be shared and re-visited often, so print them out and embrace these life-changing principles.

  • The Mindfluence Revolution Manifesto.
  • The Invisible Contribution Manifesto.
  • The Outreach Manifesto.
  • The Love and Business Manifesto.

Invite One or Both Mindfluence Founders to Present at Your Event…

“The most empowering, inspirational, and practical speakers I’ve ever heard!”

The Mindfluence® Live Breakthrough Experience

Nothing can replace the life-altering power of a live presentation, especially when the presenters are the passionately committed founders of the Mindfluence Revolution.

  • Dozens of available topics to inspire, inform, and empower your audience.
  • Practical insights that deliver valuable, real-world applications.
  • Innovative techniques for ensuring retention and implementation of shared ideas.
  • Fee-based or shared-revenue opportunities.

The 4 Most Important Discoveries in the History of Business…

4 Content-Rich Videos that will Inspire You to Rise to the Level of Your Personal Potential.

The Mindfluence® Business-Breakthrough Video Series

Sit back and watch as the founders of Mindfluence take you through how to:

  • Release your full untapped potential.
  • Change the world by re-imagining your business.
  • Live your personal definition of success and fulfillment.
  • Make a massive positive impact in the lives of the people you serve.

Get all four of the content-rich, you-focused videos for FREE right now by clicking below.

I thank you for having challenged me to think broader and dream beyond my imaginations. You have given me the encouragement, help and tools to move at a time when I felt very stuck and for these reasons I am honored and grateful to have even been a part of the process. It has been life-changing.

– Michele Adams

Free download: “The 7 Indispensable Mindsets of Business Success”

Embrace these 7 mindsets and you will unlock the key to achieving your dreams. It’s that simple.