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An Open Letter…

From the Founders of Mindfluence

Welcome to the Mindfluence Revolution!

The revolution began in 2008 when the two of us dedicated ourselves to liberating business owners and their teams to live their best lives—free from negative stress, financial scarcity, time prison, and overwhelm.

We’re committed to showing you how to break through unproductive habit patterns, shine light on blind spots, resolve doubts and fears, and harmonize the stresses that limit your full potential and the rewarding outcomes you deserve.

We will help you envision your biggest desired future and uncover both the obstacles and the opportunities that will appear along the way. Then we develop a highly personalized plan of action—a blueprint—that will show you exactly how to get there.

The people we serve are blown away by what they achieve when they’re set free from the things that are holding them back. They experience true time freedom, abundant cash flow, and reduced stress. They discover a lifelong sustainable pathway to personal fulfillment and they empower the people they serve to find theirs

We look forward to seeing the magic that happens when you’re fully empowered to live your best life!


Dr. Matthew K. Norton
“America’s Holistic Doctor”

Bruce Hurley
“America’s Business Adviser”

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I very much appreciate all the time and effort you have put into trying to really get to know me and my situation; you have to be the best listeners I have ever met; all of your interpretation of my situation was “right-on!” You have a unique service. Truly a pleasure!

– Debra Garske

I love everything you did for me! It is amazing and I feel very humbled. You really are some of the only people I have met on this journey that I feel are coming from a place of true service. Thank you so much! I will spread the word. What can I do for you? I want to serve you in some way!

– Wendy J. English

Meet The Founders of Mindfluence

Our Stories in our Own Words…

There are lots of people who do business and success training, or coaching, or consulting, but you guys have a different perspective than I’ve ever come across before. You create value first before ever asking for anything, which I think is great. You are an example of generosity. I love the relationship that we’ve been developing.

– Garrett Gunderson
New York Times bestselling author of Killing Sacred Cows

Thank you for being on my team, supporting and guiding my hard decisions while stepping up (even further!) in my challenging/difficult times. These moments are cherished and valued because I recognize that you are speaking and guiding from experience. Thank you. Cheers!

– Stephanie Kerr

Who and What is Mindfluence?

Mindfluence is…

the creative fusion of mind (what drives our behavior) and influence (the ability to create positive outcomes). Mindfluence provides a unique approach to business and personal success—including abundant wealth, contribution, fun, and time freedom—that uses brain science and empirical business experience to help unravel the mysteries of human behavior and decision-making. It’s a unique combination of innovative and unexpected business and relationship solutions, breakthrough mindsets, and powerful human-engagement skills for business leaders and their teams to successfully share their inspired message with people in need and then ethically influence them to take positive action to improve their own lives.

The Mindfluence Revolution is…

a philosophical movement that changes the focus of business from “marketing, selling, and transactions” to “outreach, influence, and relationships.” It’s a crusade of contribution and excellence that develops and unleashes the full potential of visionary leaders (and their teams) to optimize their businesses and rapidly accomplish their most ambitious dreams, while changing the world.

The Mindfluence Method is…

a proven and highly personalized human-training system that alters mindsets and behavior on a foundational level to create breakthroughs. It merges leading-edge brain science, proven business-success strategies, behavioral psychology, and personal development approaches to liberate business leaders and their teams from their ineffective or limiting patterns. It guides passionate business owners through reimagining, redesigning, or fine-tuning a business and lifestyle that is meaningful, sustainably successful, and fulfilling.

The Mindfluence Team are…

a talented troupe of creative idealistic pragmatists dedicated to guiding passionate business owners (and their team members) who want to improve the world one relationship at a time and become wildly successful in the process.  Led by a lifetime entrepreneur (and business expert) and a passionate doctor (and expert on human behavior and brain science), our enthusiastic guides can resolve your pain-producing challenges, fast-track your journey to wealth and time freedom, supercharge what is already working, and elevate what’s merely adequate to a sublime state. We are caring people who will take the time to deeply understand you and your team, provide a detailed success plan personalized for you, and then guide you to the realization of your dreams.

You are the most amazing business minds I know. You are the reason I opened my office six months before graduating.

– Dr. Jamie Foster

A Brief Conversation with the Founders

Dr. Matthew Norton:

The two of us met in 2007 at an event in Orlando, Florida where Bruce was speaking. We started collaborating on some projects and quickly realized that we were philosophically aligned and had similar goals—including our human-focused approach to changing the world for the better. So a partnership formed quite organically from our willingness to find a better way.

Bruce Hurley:

Matthew is the most competent and high-integrity person I have ever met, so I was thrilled to partner with him. We discovered that our different backgrounds and perspectives created a unique complementary skill set that we could make available to business leaders so that they could then be empowered to change the world through their own passionate messages and services. We saw this as a way of greatly multiplying our legacy contribution. Our work together evolved into the Mindfluence Method, which is the culmination of the best of everything we’ve created and experienced in our lives, and we’re convinced that the Mindfluence vision, mission, process, and engagement is truly revolutionary.

Dr. Matthew Norton:

We promise to encourage, challenge, exhort, instruct, guide, and hold you accountable all along the journey in a way that will always be stimulating and fun. We will take personal responsibility for helping you achieve YOUR desired outcomes—whether launching, developing, or expanding your local business or masterminding and building an extensive entrepreneurial empire.

Bruce Hurley:

All the time, energy, and money we’ve personally spent as a team on coaching, self-help, missteps, successes, failures, and outrageous reinventions—all deepened by some devastating pain and profound joy—has culminated in a collective powerhouse of resources and experiences that we will share with you so that you can benefit from our lessons learned and our successes earned.

I am humbled by your genius. What would have taken me a month to do was resolved and put into action in under two days. Without your help I would never have made it. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart and soul! You are changing lives.

– Michael Freibott

Founder Backgrounds

Dr. Matthew Norton

Dr. Matthew Norton (known as “America’s Holistic Doctor”) has been improving the quality of life of countless individuals as well as coaching business leaders and their teams to deep success breakthroughs for nearly 35 years. His gift for healing, his expertise in business-focused brain science and human behavior, and his commitment to helping people live their best life have informed and empowered his impact.

Dr. Norton has been happily married to his wife Judy since 1988 and they have five children via complex family blending through death and divorce. He’s also excited about his four grandchildren.

Dr. Norton is the author of the breakthrough book Where Does It Hurt?, which directs attention to the critical need for a holistic body, mind, and spirit focus in healing and healthcare to resolve and prevent chronic pain and restore and optimize whole body health.

Dr. Norton unites his passion for learning, teaching, and healing with a compassion for those who have blockages, blind spots, stress overwhelm, suboptimal performance, or who are in need of some new creative breakthrough perspectives. He brings to his work a high level of academic achievement and cutting-edge body/mind research. However, he also brings a deeply caring heart transformed by difficult personal life experiences.

He is professionally-trained and accredited as both a behavior style and core motivators analyst; and has conducted, debriefed, and applied the success insights of thousands of assessment reports over the last twenty years for his own companies and hundreds of others. He also has vast experience in evaluating emotional intelligence (EQ) and stress quotient assessment tools for leaders and teams and then applying the insights for expanded awareness, understanding, and communication to aid change dynamics and improve leadership effectiveness and team performance.

Dr. Norton is a passionate and engaging international speaker; he has been a frequent guest expert on various news programs as well as local and national media; and he is the co-founder of the Mindfluence Revolution and the Mindfluence Method Business-Success Methodology.

Dr. Norton: Working with you has been an absolute blessing and I feel honored to have received such distinguished guidance and insights. A simple “thank you” is drastically insufficient for the invaluable time and efforts you have so generously invested.

– Ali Brown

There aren’t words to express how grateful I am to you, Dr. Norton! Thank you. I knew you were brilliant, but had no idea how talented you truly are. This is exceptional – you really have a gift. You’re AMAZING!

– Trish Kapinos

Bruce Hurley

Bruce Hurley (known as “America’s Business Adviser”) is an internationally recognized authority on business, marketing, copy writing, sales, and lifestyle achievement. As a consultant to hundreds of companies in scores of industries, Bruce has accumulated a vast knowledge base of references, resources, case studies, and experiences that uniquely qualifies him to educate and inform those interested in building a business that supports their desired lifestyle.

Bruce started his first business at the age of 10, hired his first employees at age 11, and sold his first business at age 12. He continued his entrepreneurial odyssey with dozens of ventures in a wide variety of fields before finding his life’s passion with Mindfluence. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University with dual degrees in Marketing and Finance.

Bruce has been a consultant and adviser to hundreds of businesses over the last 30 years, guiding business owners to develop effective, human-focused, and automated systems that leverage their investment of time, energy, and money.

Bruce views every new client and strategic-partner relationship as an opportunity to learn different strategies, skill-sets, and approaches, and share those lessons for the benefit of all the people he serves. He focuses first on determining his clients’ ideal lifestyle and then on developing a business model that manifests and supports that lifestyle.

As an instructional speaker and sales trainer, Bruce has presented at 210 live events to groups from 30 to 3,500 people and shared the podium with some of the nation’s top speakers, including Zig Ziglar, Harvey McKay, Wayne Dyer, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Ken Blanchard, and Brian Tracy.

A lifelong aficionado of advertising, sales, and promotion, Bruce has a library of more than 600 dog-eared marketing books, specialized audio and video programs, and unique digital resources, with 2,400+ pages of detailed notes from hundreds of seminars and coaching programs. Bruce has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal education after college, all with a focus on mastering the business-customer connection for the benefit of all parties.

As a member of Mensa Process and Mensa’s “Idea Aid” program, Bruce has helped create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Bruce Hurley is the co-founder of the Mindfluence Revolution and the Mindfluence Method Business-Success Methodology.

Bruce has been married to Mary Ellen since 2005 and spends most of his free time playing with their son Grayson, who was born in 2011.

Bruce: I tell everyone that if you ever need any good advice about whatever it is that is troubling you, lacking from you, how to improve business or how to accomplish your life’s goals, or you just want some great “off the wall – outside the box ideas,” then call Bruce and just sit back in awe as his magnificent brain goes to work! You’re really a marketing genius…and a great friend for life! You’re one of the greatest mentors and givers this world will ever see!

– Dean Kantis

Bruce, you have enabled me to think so far outside the box that I do not even know what my old box looked like. With your uncanny ability to expand my possibilities, I am well on my way to fulfilling my purpose…to share with the world. Thank you so much for your insight and inspiration.

– Patrick O’Connor
Transformational Trainer, Coach and Speaker

Free download: “The 7 Indispensable Mindsets of Business Success”

Embrace these 7 mindsets and you will unlock the key to achieving your dreams. It’s that simple.