The Mindfluence® Personal Discovery Experience

5 Computerized Assessments that Reveal Your Deepest Challenges and Your Most Promising Opportunities.

Discover the Hidden Secrets of Your Own Subconscious.

Decades of research and innovation have led to technology that can shine a light on the inner workings of the human mind.

Core Motivators Assessment shows you, at the deepest level, WHY you do what you do.

Behavior Style Assessment shows you HOW you do what you do—and how that affects your experience with others.

Stress Assessment uncovers the often-hidden factors that can sabotage your success.

Emotional Quotient Assessment highlights your self-awareness, emotional control, and relationship dynamics.

Mindfluence Entreprescore™ gives your score in each of the 13 Elements of Business Success.

The Mindfluence Inspiration Assessment reveals your pain points, future vision, and desired breakthroughs.

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The Mindfluence Personal Discovery Experience includes all of the above assessments, each with its own detailed report, plus an in-depth one-on-one evaluation provided by Dr. Matthew Norton, who is certified to analyze your results. More importantly, he has conducted thousands of these assessments and he’s masterful at extracting extraordinary insights that you can use right away to change your life for the better. Most people experience epiphanies that lead to real breakthroughs as a result of these assessments.

Your investment in The Personal Discovery Experience is only $297. 100% of your money back if you don’t agree with our many clients who say that the Personal Discovery Experience is one of the most enlightening processes they’ve ever experienced.

Free 7-part series plus download of “The 7 Indispensable Mindsets of Business Success”

Embrace these 7 mindsets and you will unlock the key to achieving your dreams. It’s that simple.