The Business Breakthrough, Liberation, and Sustainability Blueprint™

A 45- to 60-day deep-discovery analysis of you, your team, and your business that provides you with a detailed two-year plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be…faster than you ever imagined.

For most of the people we serve, our starting point at Mindfluence is getting to know you and your team as human beings—your deepest desires, your most-passionate contribution, your most painful challenges and concerns, and your greatest opportunities—through a process that we call our Business Breakthrough, Liberation, and Sustainability Blueprint. This Blueprint is 100% personalized for you and your team, with no cookie-cutter elements. During 6 to 8 weeks of enjoyable deep-discovery conversations and insightful computerized assessments with you and your team, we will explore:

Your core motivators (WHY each of you do what you do).

Your behavior styles (HOW each of you do what you do).

Your emotional quotient (your ability to use emotional skill-sets as an empowering guiding force).

The positive and negative stress factors expressed by you and your team.

Your Entreprescore™—a Mindfluence-exclusive report that provides your score in each of the 13 elements of entrepreneurial business success.

Your most pressing challenges and your greatest opportunities.

The insights that we gather about you and your team over the course of the Breakthrough program enables us to craft a highly personalized Liberation Blueprint (releasing), Action Strategy (obtaining) and Sustainability Plan (maintaining) that reveals how to break through your blockages and design a lifestyle of sustainable wealth, contribution, fun, and time freedom.

With this Business Breakthrough, Liberation, and Sustainability Blueprint you will:


the unproductive habit patterns, unoptimized activities and approaches, blind spots, and mindsets that are blocking your success—and learn the secrets to blasting through them.


how to eliminate your overwhelming negative stress, expand understanding, enhance communication, and unlock the full human potential of you and your team.


your true time freedom and lifestyle abundance through innovative approaches and entrepreneurial leverage.

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