Free download: “The 7 Indispensable Mindsets of Business Success”

Embrace these 7 mindsets and you will unlock the key to achieving your dreams. It’s that simple.

What’s in it for You?

The Mindfluence team delivers passionately personalized business-success training that guides you to your most ambitious dreams faster than you ever imagined.

We take personal responsibility for your success. As our cherished client, you will experience life-changing breakthroughs in your business and lifestyle that will lead to an abundance of sustainable wealth, fun, contribution, and time freedom.

The Mindfluence Revolution approach is beyond mere coaching or education; it’s a unique and proven method of optimizing you, your team, and your business so that you can achieve everything you’ve always wanted.

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We have experienced exponential growth. To say that we’ve been busy is an understatement, but we are loving it! This has all been so valuable. You’ve changed my mindset about how I do things every day, how I treat my staff, what message we’re sending out. It’s been so helpful. I would be very happy to sing your praises to anyone interested in your services.

– Ernie Bloom

You have contributed priceless guidance, wisdom, strategies, and resources with the positive energy I needed. You are extremely well-intentioned and have a value proposition that is greatly needed. I have the utmost respect for what you’re doing and the motivation that drives your work. You also provide a level of customer service that is exemplary and quite rare. Thank you both so much for your taking your time and caring about my success. You are providing the missing pieces to my filling up my practice.

– Dr. Richard Powers

Brain Science Made Simple

It’s natural to resist change, so The Mindfluence Method integrates proven, leading-edge neuroscience to train your brain for greater fulfillment and success. Our training interweaves psychological insights with real-world, practical application for your optimum success in communication, connection, and influence strategies.

Whether it’s coming up with original ideas, shifting a business focus, influencing behaviors, inspiring a new company culture, or changing the world, the core objective is changing minds and mindsets (yours and others).

In other words, you must unlock your brain, release stuck patterns, and forge new habits and mindsets. At Mindfluence, this is our passion! Until you understand the necessity of retraining your brain, your personal vision of success will always elude you.

My Mindfluence training has been so substantially different from any other program I had ever done in my life. It’s on a totally different level. The benefits are concrete. There have been so many instances where you have brought things to my attention that I didn’t even know I needed to pay attention to.

What I needed, to take me to the next level, was to become a better leader, a more effective leader, to get to be better in areas that I did not even realize I needed to be better in. I’ve always said that if I knew what to do, I would have done it already. So the Mindfluence experience has provided me with the help and resources to do those things.

This is so exciting to me. And I truly believe that the Mindfluence team are the WHO that showed up when I decided WHAT it was that I wanted. So, it’s a beautiful thing for me.

– Dr. Brad Boeke

This training is EXACTLY what we need right now ON SO MANY LEVELS! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

– Carolyn Boeke

11 Questions of Discovery

You may have already worked with traditional consultants, coaches, or advisers and yet you continue to have some significant—even painful—challenges that seem to be preventing you from reaching your biggest desired outcomes. Or maybe you just believe that you still have untapped potential waiting to be unleashed and you don’t want to die with your music still in you.

Below are some of the questions where “Mindfluence” is the answer. You may resonate with some of these, even cringe when you read them because they so accurately reflect your needs, or it may be that nothing is currently screaming for attention but yet you still have a desire to experience optimal and sustainable business and lifestyle well-being. Give yourself a few seconds to consider each:

  1. Do you or your team experience more stress or overwhelm than you’d like?

  2. Are you suffering from insufficient revenue and unoptimized systems?

  3. Are you frustrated with a lack of time freedom to enjoy the life and lifestyle you work so hard to achieve?

  4. Are you disappointed in your outcomes and ready to explore reinvention strategies for greater wealth, contribution, fun, or time freedom?

  5. Are you tired of settling for less than you know you deserve and want a clearer sense of purpose, inspired message, legacy contribution, or vision?

  6. Are you discouraged that your team isn’t optimized for peak productivity and engagement with the people you serve?

  7. Do you have concerns (even fears) about having no clear strategy for someday exiting your business with sufficient value and transition options?

  8. Are you fed up with having to do work that you don’t love to do?

  9. Are you exhausted due to the pace and pressure of your work taking a toll on your vitality, well-being, peace of mind, or health?

  10. Are you struggling with blind spots, stuck places, unproductive habit patterns, uncertainties, or fears that are holding you back?

  11. Do you need an easy-to-follow system for attracting an abundance of new people to your business that doesn’t require a constant outflow of cash?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, then Mindfluence has the insights and strategies to help you reach your biggest business and lifestyle outcomes. We can even help if you’re already well on your way but just want to get there faster, more sustainably, and with greater time freedom, more fun, and less stress!

I am seeing such amazing results that I can’t help but share it with everyone I know! My clientele has doubled since I’ve been working with you–and it continues to grow by the week. I can see with focus, passion and nurturing, the “dreams” that I stated in the very beginning of the program are becoming a reality!

– Linda Freibott

Thanks to all of you for your support! It has been pivotal for me to break through some limiting beliefs/energy challenges. Now I am starting to function more to my true potential and enjoy the process!

– Dr. Barbara James

20 Mindfluence Answers that
You Won’t Find Anywhere Else…

  1. Mindfluence provides a unique (and uniquely effective) approach to business and personal success—including abundant wealth, contribution, fun, AND time freedom.

  2. We liberate business owners and their team members to live their best lives—free from negative stress, financial scarcity, time prison, and overwhelm.

  3. We create surprisingly substantial bottom-line growth for dissatisfied business leaders who are frustrated with the same tired approaches and who are looking for a fresh new way to break through to their full potential.

  4. We ensure that our clients no longer waste human-engagement opportunities, but rather fully optimize and nurture them into raving-fan relationships.

  5. Too many people are suffering without the passionate help our clients provide, so we guide business leaders and their teams to unleash the incredible power of their expert authority, their clearly articulated inspirational message, and their powerfully unique service offerings.

  6. We eliminate dysfunctional team challenges and conflicts by enhancing communication skill-sets, optimizing systems, and creating a shared mission.

  7. We show contribution-focused teams how to use authentic, human-to-human connection, enhanced company culture, and leading-edge brain science to take ordinary people from “passive prospect” to “passionate partner” with no selling, pushing, or manipulation.

  8. We help redirect unproductive habit patterns, shine light on blind spots, resolve doubts and fears, and harmonize the stresses that limit the full potential and rewarding outcomes our clients deserve.

  9. We clarify the biggest desired future of business owners, and uncover their perceived (and hidden) obstacles and opportunities.

  10. Our personalized training can be completed on your own schedule and at your own pace, but with consistent accountability to ensure progress.

  11. Instead of having a lifestyle that conforms to your business, we show you how to create a business that supports your lifestyle.

  12. We believe that it’s not enough to learn new skills; you have to effectively and consistently apply them to your business. The Mindfluence Method delivers specific, step-by-step guidance to ensure that you are seeing real-world outcomes.

  13. We don’t just optimize your business; we optimize YOU, helping you to find the best version of yourself that you can be.

  14. We provide customized, expertly guided instruction tailored to your unique needs, desired outcomes, values, and behavior style.

  15. We incorporate the additional voices and training insights of the brightest thought leaders in the world.

  16. We engage you with an exciting, proven system that inspires enthusiastic action and eliminates procrastination and distraction.

  17. We will develop a strategic business blueprint for you that will serve as an action guideline for the rest of your life.

  18. Our training unmasks the shroud of discontent that plagues most business owners. It reveals a clear plan of action for achieving your life and business dreams.

  19. We do not merely consult, coach, manage, or instruct. Instead of just overlaying existing systems, we guide you through a simple way to reinvent, reimagine, or fine-tune your business for far better results than any conventional approach.

  20. The people we serve are blown away by what they achieve when they liberate themselves from the things that are holding them (and their businesses) back. They experience true time freedom, abundant cash flow, and less stress. They discover a lifelong sustainable pathway to personal fulfillment and they empower the people they serve to find theirs.

I’m a new, freed-up person because of you helping me step into the belief that I’m the real deal, that I can succeed today with what I have and confidently live out my dream. You’re the best!

– Dr. Juli Westcott

Dr. Norton and Bruce: you are great, authentic human beings and coaches! I am up 30% this year over last due to your coaching. I have coached with many others and found that Mindfluence has a unique and powerful perspective on business management, growth, and leadership. Thanks for helping make my dreams a reality!

– Dr. Jeff Mitchell

Your advice, support and positive feedback keeps me accountable, inspired, and focused. I cannot thank you enough, all of you 🙂 I’m blown away by what you have created. This is amazing.

– Dr Mindi Fried

Oh my god this is so different and unlike anything I have ever seen before! I highly doubt that I would have survived the last year without your constant support, guidance and mentoring.

– Steph Kerr

Since I started with you, I try, no, I DO everything differently. Now I’m not so overwhelmed. I’ve learned what I know and what I do best. I feel like I’m not doing this dance by myself anymore!

– Candice Montoya

Free download: “The 7 Indispensable Mindsets of Business Success”

Embrace these 7 mindsets and you will unlock the key to achieving your dreams. It’s that simple.