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What We Believe

Our Vision

The Mindfluence family are the impassioned leaders of a revolution of dedicated business people who make the world a better place by implementing the most effective and highly regarded success and outreach strategies in the world.

Our Mission

Mindfluence is a family of enthusiastic and capable guides dedicated to providing highly personalized and effective training to passionate business owners who want to improve the world one human being—and one business—at a time.

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Mindfluence has had a profound effect on us. You set us on the right track, illuminated things, and really lit a fire under us. You helped us to intertwine spirit and soul into our work. It sings the truth to me, almost an anthem. It affects business, relationships, hiring, everything! We’re busier than ever before and still growing. Thank you so much for your insights! We owe you a great deal.

– Jürgen Cowling

As always, I’m grateful for the care and support and encouragement you provided to me. Your program has been the most influential and effective of any that I’ve been a part of. If it wasn’t for you, I would have labored on a lot longer doing something I don’t love.

– Dr. Mindi Fried

The Mindfluence Credo

We Believe…

in all the ideas we share in our Mindfluence Manifestos.

that if you are interested in being an agent of good, or creating a legacy of contribution, or even just giving people a superior option for the services you provide, then you don’t just have the right, you have the obligation to influence them to favor you with their business.

in our mantra “ACTION ENDS DISATISFACTION.” Acting courageously on knowledge is the game-changer our clients experience.

that application is even more important than education, so we take personal responsibility for ensuring that you are making the progress you want at every step of the way.

that success requires other people. Failure you can do alone.

that you must own your power and your authority to step into the role of expert professional in order to guide people to the outcome that’s in their own best interest (which is doing business with YOU in case you didn’t know).

that whatever is holding you back, you should walk toward your fear with confidence. We will be there to guide you through it.

you will never leave where you are until you know where you’d rather be, so we help you dream into your ideal future and show you the pathway to get there.

you should be able to spend more time on your lifestyle than you do on your livelihood.

that if it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

that you should take advantage of any process that shortens the time frame to accomplish your goals.

that success is sometimes just one good decision away.

The Mindfluence YOUniverse diagram at left encapsulates the innovative Mindfluence Method and perspective. Your public’s unmet needs inspire your vision, which drives your business model, which leads to raving-fan relationships that fulfill the public’s needs and support all of your dreams and desires. The resulting trust, connection, and engagement benefits that flow out to your public are enormous—not to mention new levels of wealth and fulfillment for you!

As the inspirational leader, YOU are the center of your own business YOUniverse. It’s YOUR leadership, contribution-focus, passion and innovation that power this process. Recognizing this truth is an empowering experience because it means that you have the superhuman ability—through your own visionary leadership and determination—to create whatever outcomes you want to achieve in your business. You’re in control.

All you need is A PLAN…

If you’re ready for a breakthrough in your business right now, then say “YES” to a Breakthrough Strategy Call (no-sales) for the cost of…ZERO. Schedule your free call.

I have really appreciated all the various ways that Mindfluence has helped me to focus. I have especially appreciated your ability to help me get more things done. And I now have the amazing ability to make connections without having to “sell” anything.

– Dr. Barbara James

I’m busier than I’ve ever been and I’m happier with myself and about my life than I’ve been in a long time.

– Dr. Meagan Leahy

So motivating! It makes me realize that there’s no obstacle we can’t surmount.

– Dr. Mark McFarland

I already believed that somehow I could live my dreams. However, I didn’t feel like I was on the “express train” to accomplishing that on the track I was traveling down. My Mindfluence training has been exactly the action I needed to take to lay a more direct set of tracks toward the practice and life I wanted to create.

– Dr. Richard Powers

The Mindfluence Manifesto Pledge

As an independent business person, I pledge to honor and internalize the principles in the Mindfluence® Manifesto, namely:

The ethical pursuit of my personal fulfillment and financial prosperity enriches the global community and empowers countless others to achieve their dreams

By embracing “a commitment to serve,” I unleash my full human potential, fulfill my personal definition of success, and create a legacy of contribution.

My dedication to excellence in business will inspire others to pursue their highest passion and will raise the bar for other companies seeking to emulate my success.

My exceptional treatment of the people I encounter in my business will empower them to lead better lives and share more joy with others.

Because I am committed to being an agent of good and providing a superior option for the people I serve, then I don’t just have the right, but the obligation to ethically influence them to favor me with their business.

In order to influence people at the highest level, I pledge to remain open to new ideas and to commit to whatever ethical actions will lead to success as I define it—as long as it doesn’t compromise my core values or my quality of life.

I further commit to help other business people realize the power of their potential for prosperity and global contribution.

I hereby pledge to uphold the principles of The Mindfluence® Manifesto and join the revolution that’s changing the way people think of small business.

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Free download: “The 7 Indispensable Mindsets of Business Success”

Embrace these 7 mindsets and you will unlock the key to achieving your dreams. It’s that simple.