073: Ellen Melko Moore

Since you can’t be all things to all people, and this is certainly true when it comes to brand power, a narrow focus is critical for the health and long life of your brand. In the long run, specialization builds and maintains strength. As Craig McLaughlin said, the new app-based economy favors narrow specialists. You can present a brand story to your audience that is clearer, more succinct and digestible, leading to an enhanced user experience that’s laser-focused on the needs of your public. As backed up by research, a narrow brand strategy always wins! Join us for a lively discussion with branding expert, Ellen Melko Moore, to discover how to get your message out there more clearly and powerfully. In Ellen’s uniquely compelling way with words, if your brand isn’t sexy to you, chances are excellent that it’s also confusing or unappealing to others.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Find out more about Ellen, who loves helping big picture, game changing entrepreneurs, articulate their awesomeness & share their unique, freaky brilliance.

[3:54] Ellen brilliantly points out that it’s a big, compelling world of cat videos out there and we all need all the help we can get.

[4:22] What exactly is a brand? Not to be confused with marketing, a logo or a slogan.

[6:21] Discover some examples of what embodies a good brand.

[8:31] The sexiness of a brand – Uber vs. Lyft, example.

[11:57] You can’t get away from brand if you’re in the market place.

[13:05] How Brand, Marketing, and Logo, while distinct, play together.

[16:35] Brand is at the Foundation. It is literally, the very bottom pieces you’re putting together.

[17:22] What is the Holy Trinity of a Great Brand?

[18:54] The super tight element of the brand is a big part of the specialization.

[24:43] Why creating your specific & ideal Avatar, is important for tightening your brand.

[28:00] The #1 reason businesses fail, and reasons why intentional entrepreneurs struggle with their Branding.

[32:59] If you’ve got a super tight, sexy brand, the right people will turn their heads like little mirror cats.

[35:16] Where to look if you’re having problems with your business? The Light & The Tight. Light is your energy and tight is your brand.

[35:36] How to best connect with Ellen Melko Moore.

[37:00] Mindfluence Success Challenge on tightening your brand.

[37:40] If you’re wrestling with stress overwhelm, lack of time-freedom, a need for some entrepreneurial intervention or a liberation pathway to get to the beach of your choice, go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free breakthrough strategy call.

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Ellen’s Website: www.supertightbrand.com


“The bottom line is, brand is your reputation.”

“Brand is the essence of what you are, translated for the market place.”

“The Brand is the story, the Marketing is the ways you tell it.”

“The #1 reason businesses fail is lack of focus.”

072: Play Bigger! Create and Contribute Something That Truly Matters

Consider these questions to get you started on the path to playing bigger.

What will you do? How will you impact the world? What is the most meaningful contribution you could make with your life? How big could you play? What is it that’s holding you back? What excuses are you making? What could you deliver that would really make a difference? What’s inside you that only you could express? Now, you may be thinking – “But what if I fail?” or “I’ll engage in something bigger later when I have more time?” or “Who says that I really have anything significant to offer?” or “I’ll create something unique once I’ve produced enough money and tended to my own security needs”. No matter how legitimate those thoughts appear to be, at their roots they’re excuses and lies. The first challenge is tuning in to hear the still/small voice calling you to your deeper purpose, the second is prioritizing this contribution or creative expression, and the third is not allowing your fears to succeed in stopping you. So are you ready to step out, take a bigger risk and play? Tune in to explore your possibilities for playing bigger, for creating and contributing something that really matters, starting today!

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] In case you’re struggling with dreaming, listen to Oprah Winfrey when she said “God can dream a bigger dream for you, far beyond anything you can imagine.”

[3:19] How fearing the possibility of failure can keep us from being our best selves.

[5:51] What would you do even if you knew you might fail?

[10:09] How might you play bigger? What does it mean to play bigger?

[16:33] What are some necessary ingredients to participate in playing bigger? The Why has to be big enough!

[21:01] How does the Why relate to core motivators?

[22:17] Notice what is holding you back – Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of change?

[25:28] Find out more about Dr. Norton’s favorite books in the links below.

[26:36] Fear is something that is never going to be overcome, so we must force ourselves forward in spite of the fear.

[30:39] Go beneath the surface where your deepest meaning resides and take action now.

[33:33] Another action step you can take is to celebrate all your victories. Bruce shares a neat trick you can use starting today!

[35:36] Here are a few more action steps by Dr. Norton to help you play bigger.

[36:54] Mindfluence success challenge: Choose at least two of the mentioned action steps to focus on and practice. Here are a few suggestions on how.

[38:02] Interested in help with exploring the possibilities for creating & contributing more powerfully? Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free breakthrough strategy call with Dr. Norton or Bruce Hurley.

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What to Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield


“We’re talking about going long as a planned action.”

“Playing Bigger has to be a stretch for you, it has to be bold, it has to be unique.”

“How might you play bigger? You can start with a need that you see outside of yourself.”

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

“Having a bad HAIR day? As in Hesitation, Avoidance, Inaction and Reluctance?”

071: Wendy English | How to Develop a Resilient Company Culture

According to Harvard business school professor, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, surprises are the new normal and resilience is the new skill. A key finding from her research on great companies and effective leaders is that no one can completely avoid troubles, and potential pitfalls are everywhere. So the real skill is the resilience to climb out of the hole and bounce back. To discover how to go beyond simply bouncing back from adversity to truly thriving and contributing at a higher level as a result of obstacles you face, tune in for an inspiring interview with resilience expert, Wendy J. English. As Wendy says, our great ears don’t always come in packages we expect, as big challenges become our greatest gifts. Also, stick around until the end for this episode’s Mindfluence Success Challenge on how to put these insights into action.

Key Takeaways:

[1:50] Find out more about Wendy J. English, who has expertise in resiliency, change and personal power.

[2:50] What does it mean to be resilient and why is it so necessary, especially in our current day?

[8:48] How can we consciously move towards creating a culture of greater resilience?

[13:08] The more resilient and the stronger and the more inner control we have as a person, our circle of influence growths exponentially just because of the power we’re creating within.

[14:54] What is the “change wave” and how does it relate to our emotions? Wendy explains further.

[24:21] In this change wave, the most dangerous place that we get to is the comfort zone.

[26:55] For the introverted listeners, find out tips on improving your ability to adapt to change or to encourage you to disrupt yourself.

[32:05] For the leaders and team/support members listening, Wendy shares some applications on change and resilience.

[33:54] Learn more about Wendy and her work here and in the links below.

[34:49] Mindfluence success challenge: Locate one attitude or routine you think could be holding you back & then determine one new creative action that you will take this week, even if it’s a bit risky.

[35:51] If you’d like some help to spot some stuck places and some creative opportunities, go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free breakthrough strategy call with Dr. Norton.


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The Mindfluence YOUniverse

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Schedule a free call: meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution

Books by Wendy English:

  • – Young Women Bouncing Back
  • – The Power of Complexity
  • – The Power of Change
  • – The Resilient Business


Email Wendy English: wendyjenglish@gmail.com


“Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity and to use our challenges as opportunities to succeed.”

“In our businesses, we can create a culture of resilience by being resilient ourselves as leaders.”

“Unless we take power out of that place of comfort, the disruptions are going to be very uncomfortable.”

“If you’re in a place where you’re miserable but afraid of change, it’s going to happen, so choose the change.”

070: How to Stockpile Brainpower for Sustainable Peak Performance

You may achieve business success and your contribution may even leave a lasting impact on the world, and that’s part of a life well lived. But what if you’re not capable of sustaining or fully appreciating that success because of declining brain function that could also lead to a shorter life? While it doesn’t diminish what you achieved, your success may ultimately seem less meaningful if loss of mental clarity steals your ability to savor the outcomes you worked so hard to attain. What can you do to better guarantee your sustainable brain function and high level performance over the course of your lifetime? Or are we simply victims of chance?  Listen in to find out strategies to stockpile brain power for sustainable peak health and performance.

Key Takeaways: 

[2:40] Discover recent research findings on Alzheimer’s disease.

[3:14] Learn what current research suggests about making our brain less vulnerable to the ravages of aging.

[8:07] Today’s topics of discussion include: Can we consciously make ourselves more focused and aware? Or does it take changes in lifestyle and diet? Or is it completely out of our hands?

[9:34] Brain plasticity, reservoir of resilience and cognitive reserve.

[11:55] Are there things we can do to have more brain matter and functionality?

[13:07] Experiencing “senior moments” and indicators of a healthy brain.

[15:47] How chronic stress, panic responses and diabetes relate to brain health.

[18:12] Discover what factors can help slow down the decline in cognitive function.

[24:14] Find out more about research on the connection between exercise/nutrition and cognitive/mental health.

[31:42] Discover how purpose in life/well-being, conscientiousness, social ties/engagement, and other factors relate to cognitive function and brain health.

[34:53] Dr. Norton’s advice following his research binge: explore new things, chill out more and just avoid downers.

[37:14] Mindfluence success challenge: Go back through your list of brain-optimizing actions and pick one or two that you are committed to improving today!

[38:45] Discover how to design a better balanced business and lifestyle gameplan so you can have more sustainable health and success. Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free breakthough strategy call.

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“Social engagement is a key factor in cognitive health.”

“What’s more important than you being alert and aware and conscious?”

“Just being 2% dehydrated, makes you stupid.”

069: Wendy Phillips

Discover how to avoid the top 5 ineffective marketing habits by building an effective marketing plan. Unless you are a marketing expert, you don’t know everything you need to know about strategic marketing. And, according to Marketing Expert, Wendy O’Donovan Philips, you have more to lose by not investing in marketing. Tune in to hear how to construct a highway of new business to drive straight into your company. Also, stick around to the end for this week’s Mindfluence Challenge on how to begin stepping up your marketing game.

Key Takeaways:

[2:04] Learn more about Wendy O’Donovan Phillips, president of BigBuzz Dental Marketing and co-founder of Dentistry Unchained.

[4:03] Discover the 4 elements of the Kaboom! method of effective marketing.

[5:54] The 3 main tools needed for an effective long-term marketing strategy.

[10:14] Check out the The Mindfluence YOUniverse diagram to see how centrally positioned Wendy’s contribution is in this entire success process.

[16:10] Find out why Marketing is all about staying the full course.

[21:32] Discover Wendy’s advice on executing a balanced, strategic marketing plan.

[26:03] How to balance these 4 marketing strategies: brand awareness, traditional media, online promotion, and internal marketing.

[30:49] Find out why your marketing plan should evolve with your business.

[36:23] Find out more about Wendy and BigBuzzInc in the links below.

[37:29] Mindfluence success challenge: Wondering what you should do for marketing? Ask the people who matter most – your clients. Find out more here.

[39:10] Discover how to craft a more sustainable business, and lifestyle of wealth, contribution, fun, and time freedom. Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free breakthrough strategy call with Dr. Norton.

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The Mindfluence YOUniverse

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BigBuzzInc Dental Marketing

Contact Wendy: 720-350-4484 or 855-Big-Buzz

Dentistry Unchained


The Top 5 Ineffective Marketing Habits

Making Money is Killing Your Business by Chuck Blakeman


“Marketing is the oxygen to your company.”

“The marketing plan should evolve with the business.”

“How do we become the Ritz Carlton of what we do?”

“Your #1 asset in your company is your team. Your #2 asset is your current client base.”

068: Ignite the Attractive Power of Fun for Sustainable Business Success

Fun drastically increases your clients’ and the public’s interest in engaging with you and your company. That is because Fun is a powerful contributor to the high, positive energy state of flow when you’re fully engaged in the present moment and it’s tied into dopamine release with a sense of pleasure in the activity. Fun also fosters a workplace culture that’s highly productive and profitable. Among companies denoted as Great in Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for, 81% of employees said they work in a Fun environment. Would yours say that? Tune in as we explore some strategies for igniting the attractive power of Fun for sustainable business success. Also, stick around to the end for this week’s Mindfluence Challenge on creating the Fun section of your sustainable success blueprint.

Key Takeaways:

[0:38] As Cyndi Lauper said, “Girls just wanna have Fun”, and as children we wanted to have it too. But don’t we all just still want to have Fun?

[1:27] Don’t miss the boat on Fun, because Fun is another key element – among wealth, contribution and time-freedom – which is necessary for long-term sustainable business success.

[4:11] Let’s talk about Fun from these two perspectives: 1) Are you and your team having Fun? 2) Are the people you serve having Fun?

[6:35] Bruce offers tips on how to ease your company’s culture into having more Fun, and to improve the kind of atmosphere and the level of Fun you have in your business.

[15:29] Discover how Fun and competence are mutually inclusive.

[21:17] There is a positive correlation between Fun and productivity, so as Fun goes up productivity goes up!

[24:17] Google search this: “Google’s 20% time” or listen as Bruce explains the concept.

[26:30] Still not convinced? Listen to Dr. Norton discuss how this concept has been explored from the brain science, psychology and neuro personal perspectives.

[28:33] Bruce has a great idea on how you can use Fun as an outreach tool and for social media engagement.

[29:33] Engaged team members vs. disengaged employees. What a difference Fun makes!

[30:31] Ready to take notes? Because Bruce is giving away some great strategies on Fun.

[35:26] You CAN choose to have more Fun in your work and Dr. Norton challenges you to try this exploratory exercise.

[37:01] Mindfluence success challenge: Begin creating the Fun section of your sustainable success blueprint.

[37:56] Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free breakthrough strategy call with Dr. Norton if you’re willing to consider some change action right now.


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Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For


Cyndi Lauper

“Fun is creativity having fun.” – Albert Einstein

“I don’t know how to not have fun. I’m dying and I’m having fun, and I’m going to keep having fun every day I’ve got left.” – Randy Pausch

“Fun is just another word for learning.” – Raph Koster


“Fun is not something that you do instead of being productive and being good at your work.”

“Fun is a way to actually improve productivity.”

“Fun leads to more engagement which leads team members to have a greater commitment to the success of the company.”

“When team members are engaged, they care more about your success.”

067: Laura Rittenhouse

According to a recent survey, there is a huge gap between desired behaviors and the reality of the workplace in the area of candor. While 99% of the respondents prefer a workplace in which people identify and discuss issues truthfully, only 44% believe their organization has a candid environment. Also, 70% of the respondents believe a lack of candor within their organization impacts the company’s ability to perform optimally. According to today’s guest, candor is a discipline for choosing words that build trust, keeping our promises, restoring courage, resilience, and integrity. If you would like to learn how to create a work environment that transcends mistrust and fear, while encouraging innovation and creativity, tune in for a compelling conversation with Laura Rittenhouse. Also, stick around to the end for this week’s Mindfluence Challenge on 5 behaviors and strategies to live by.

Key Takeaways:

[2:17] Find out more about Laura Rittenhouse, who says candor means to shine light into dark places.

[4:14] Learn how words are the cloths for our soul and the creative power they hold.

[7:27] Laura talks on the Declaration of Independence and “the world’s first blogger”.

[9:50] What is the meaning of the word candor, which originates from a Latin word meaning “whiteness” and “illumination”?

[11:01] How candor is the language of trust.

[13:56] Trust is built on transparency.

[19:28] Laura believes we’re in a “candor crisis”; find out how the culture of fear we live in contributes to this crisis.

[24:13] It’s important to determine who you can and who you can’t trust, which impacts vulnerability.

[25:05] Laura has developed a methodology for evaluating the absence or presence of candor. Find out how she measures market performance after gathering this data.

[29:27] It’s critical to lead with candor as opposed to “Truthiness”.

[31:51] Is it possible to train people to be more candid?

[35:42] Find out how you can learn more about today’s conversation.

[36:50] Mindfluence success challenge: Learn these 5 behaviors and strategies, and make sure you’re always living and applying them.

[38:22] Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free strategy call with Dr. Norton and get some help with your business success or lifestyle goals.

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The Mindfluence YOUniverse



Rittenhouse Rankings

Laura Rittenhouse on LinkedIn

@LJRittenhouse on Twitter

Books by Laura Rittenhouse:

Stephen Colbert & Truthiness


“Candor is the language of trust, without candor we can’t really trust or be trusted.”

“I think we are in a candor crisis, and why? Because, we live in a huge enveloping culture of fear.”

“Did you get Rittenhoused today?”

“Words are the cloths for our soul.”

“What’s glorious about practicing candor is you get to be more the person you truly are.”

066: The Most Pressing Challenge in Every Business: Making Success Sustainable

Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, and for success to be sustainable it must be maintained at a certain level, indefinitely. Financial wealth is the typical indicator of success. Then there’s the opposing perspective that disdains ‘money focus’ in favor of service. The Mindfluence Revolution views success as an essential balance of wealth, contribution, fun and time freedom, along with the health and vitality to truly appreciate them. Similar to baking a cake, if you leave out any of the essential ingredients or if they’re improperly combined, the result just isn’t fully satisfying. What else do we need, beyond financial wealth, to be truly successful and have it be sustainable? Listen in as Dr. Norton and co-host Bruce Hurley explore the most pressing challenge in every business – making success sustainable.

Key Takeaways:

[1:24] While more money beyond a point does not add to our happiness, it’s obvious that success in business requires a certain level of wealth.

[2:08] Consider these perspectives according to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Julia Cameron.

[6:05] Success sustainability and having individually-appropriate balance among the primary areas of focus: wealth, contribution, fun, and time freedom.

[9:11] Why do 96% of businesses fail within 10 years and how to be a part of that 4%? Why is it important to have a sustainability plan?

[15:10] The difference between just sustaining a business with relatively no change vs. having a business that’s dynamic, grows, changes, and innovates.

[19:05] Wealth, Contribution, Fun, and Time Freedom have to remain intimately connected to gain long-term, sustainable, dynamic success.

[20:12] Examples of businesses that failed in long-term sustainability because one of these 4 elements may have been missing.

[25:27] An example of the type of business that is sustainable and what to keep in mind regarding these 4 elements.

[29:02] Why is making success sustainable the most pressing challenge for businesses?

[32:09] How do you sustain anything, really? Focus, attention, and intention.

[33:40] Mindfluence success challenge: Listen in for the 3 questions to ask yourself in order to achieve sustainable success and move closer to your liberation.

[35:43] Would you like some help with business success sustainability? Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free strategy call with Dr. Norton.


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The Mindfluence YOUniverse




“At Mindfluence, we look at entrepreneurial leverage as a tool to create sustainability.”

“The 3 tools of entrepreneurial leverage are automation, delegation and elimination.”

“Sustainability is not something that happens accidentally, it’s something that happens intentionally.”

“Wealth, Contribution, Fun, and Time Freedom have to remain connected to gain long-term, sustainable, dynamic success.”

065: Kate Sweetman

According to leadership and change expert, Kate Sweetman, when it comes to change, the fundamental starting place is our mindset, our attitudes, beliefs and habits. How many of us really want our familiar and comfortable routines challenged? We may say we want change but not at the expense of our established relationships and ingrained behaviors. Do you want to improve your business and possibly initiate a significant reinvention? Why does Reinvention matter? According to Kate, “the ability to Reinvent Yourself and Reinvent Your Organization will be one of the most important competencies to have in the 21st century. In fact, having this ability may be simply the price of admission to play in today’s global chess game.” Tune in for a transformational conversation with Kate, who says the roadmap for successful change begins with dissatisfaction and is multiplied by high level leadership. Also, stick around until the end for this week’s Mindfluence Challenge so that you can begin to create some new results.

Key Takeaways:

[1:46] Who is Kate Sweetman?

[3:23] Kate breaks down the notion of reinvention, defined as “quantum, individual and organizational change, accelerated”.

[6:28] Prince is an example of how living in constant motion, constant innovation, continuous learning, and having intense curiosity leads to a lot of creativity.

[8:27] How much of what you’re doing today is different from what you did yesterday or a year ago?

[11:04] What is the Peter principle?

[12:42] The Law of 21st Century Business Jungle states: quickly adapt or perish, there’s no such thing as a steady state. Kate elaborates further.

[16:46] Kate speaks about people who’re quick to decide vs. less quick to decide.

[18:58] Dissatisfaction is the first of the five crucial elements to the reinvention formula.

[20:44] Kate speaks on the notion of the blindfolds as it relates to the 6 deadly blindfolds that cause leadership or organizational blindness.

[23:22] Blindfold #1 – Arrogance.

[25:38] Blindfold #2 – Negative feedback not acknowledged.

[27:04] Blindfold #3 – Dismissing competitor successes.

[28:56] Blindfold #4 – We know what’s best for the customer.

[32:05] Blindfold #5 – Believing problems don’t exist.

[34:00] Blindfold #6 – Avoiding the unavoidable.

[37:09] What is the antidote to organizational blindness?

[39:24] Kate shares an interesting interaction she had at a talk she gave on reinvention.

[42:50] Getting in contact with Kate Sweetman.

[43:48] Mindfluence success challenge: Is there something that you’d like to reinvent in your current approach to your work or life in general?

[45:22] Would you like some help with reinvention? Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to shcedule a free call with Dr. Norton.

Mentioned in This Episode:


The Mindfluence YOUniverse



Center for Leading



“Complete greatness comes from the willingness to always be in motion.”

“Dissatisfaction is an emotional experience.”

“Our ultimate goal is to not wear any blindfolds.”

“If there’s a foundational blindfold it would certainly be arrogance.”

“You’re avoiding the unavoidable by not changing behavior.”

064: Your Desired Future Awaits Your Arrival

What does your future hold? Not sure? Well, what future do you really want to create? If you can’t see it, then it may be due to a lack of focus. You might want to pause soon and give this renewed attention, because you will get to your future whether it’s the one you intend or not. As you’re barrelling down life’s highway, it’s important periodically to make sure you don’t miss a critical turn. It’s also likely that you’ll decide on some different, more meaningful destinations as you continue down the road. Dr. Norton and co-host Bruce Hurley examine how your desired future awaits your arrival and that you can get there more easily. Stick around until the end for this week’s Mindfluence Success Challenge on how you can jump start the process of arriving at your desired future.

Key Takeaways:

[1:22] How can you tune in more clearly to consider your desired future? Can you really create this future? Is that even possible?

[2:37] Could you get to your desired future faster & with greater ease? Are there blockages, blind spots or stuck habit patterns impeding your progress & creating excessive stress on you & everyone around you?

[4:04] Bruce agrees the quickest way to fail is to just stand still and not do anything.

[5:13] Today’s discussion focuses on the bigger picture benefit of a desired future than just achieving goals, outcomes, objectives, visions, etc.

[7:28] Dr. Norton & Bruce clarify the difference between a desired future and having goals.

[9:34] Your business should be supporting your lifestyle, and having a strong sense of what your desired future is plays a key role.

[12:17] What is it you really want? On a deeper vs. surface level!

[13:05] People want liberation from stress and anxiety. How can that be achieved?

[15:38] Why is it a big deal to have certainty around a desired future, even if it changes?

[16:51] Check out episode 62: Why Your Company Needs a Business Diagnosis, which explored dissatisfaction.

[17:55] Today’s focus is related to the last potential dissatisfaction, which is your confidence in having a future that fits your dream outcomes.

[18:39] “Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

[19:44] This is about stepping into your greatness & fulfilling your potential as a human being.

[20:46] Bruce created a list of questions to get you to think about what this desired future looks like for you.

[22:58] What is your biggest picture contribution you can make with your business? What is your most perfect desired lifestyle/future? How do you seamlessly blend your contribution with your lifestyle?

[24:16] What we’re doing right now is what’s going to lead to what we do in the future. But what if we don’t have a sense of what that future looks like?

[25:17] The Unique Compelling Contribution (UCC) at Mindfluence is the tool that is going to lead you to your desired future.

[27:22] What is the foundation of mission?

[28:49] Check out episode 60: Core Purpose… Your Success Foundation, which explored connecting to your core purpose.

[29:37] Also check out the Big Five for Life by John Strelecky, which is relevant to today’s discussion.

[31:08] Are you on the right bus? Bruce uses this analogy to explain the idea of being on the right path that will ultimately lead you to your desired future.

[33:49] Dr. Norton advises to stay alert to shifting destinations & to touching your core purpose, because you can otherwise miss some important signs along the way.

[36:05] Mindfluence success challenge: 1) Get some time alone, and either go for a run or mediate; 2) Open up a notebook, and begin dream writing about your ideal business & lifestyle future (this is your desired future).

[37:00] If you would like help with getting liberated so that you can get to your desired future, go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to shcedule a free strategy call.

Mentioned in This Episode:


The Mindfluence YOUniverse





Big Five for Life by John Strelecky


“Most are compromising their lifestyle to support their business…your business should be supporting your lifestyle.”

“Most people’s lives are have to’s instead of want to’s.”

“Once you’re liberated, you’re unchained to go pursue the things that are part of your desired future.”

“Your reward for making a high level contribution to the world IS your ideal lifestyle.”

“Ask yourself, how would your future look if could have it how you want it?”

“The Unique Compelling Contribution (UCC) at Mindfluence is a tool that is going to lead you to your desired future.”