067: Laura Rittenhouse

According to a recent survey, there is a huge gap between desired behaviors and the reality of the workplace in the area of candor. While 99% of the respondents prefer a workplace in which people identify and discuss issues truthfully, only 44% believe their organization has a candid environment. Also, 70% of the respondents believe a lack of candor within their organization impacts the company’s ability to perform optimally. According to today’s guest, candor is a discipline for choosing words that build trust, keeping our promises, restoring courage, resilience, and integrity. If you would like to learn how to create a work environment that transcends mistrust and fear, while encouraging innovation and creativity, tune in for a compelling conversation with Laura Rittenhouse. Also, stick around to the end for this week’s Mindfluence Challenge on 5 behaviors and strategies to live by.

Key Takeaways:

[2:17] Find out more about Laura Rittenhouse, who says candor means to shine light into dark places.

[4:14] Learn how words are the cloths for our soul and the creative power they hold.

[7:27] Laura talks on the Declaration of Independence and “the world’s first blogger”.

[9:50] What is the meaning of the word candor, which originates from a Latin word meaning “whiteness” and “illumination”?

[11:01] How candor is the language of trust.

[13:56] Trust is built on transparency.

[19:28] Laura believes we’re in a “candor crisis”; find out how the culture of fear we live in contributes to this crisis.

[24:13] It’s important to determine who you can and who you can’t trust, which impacts vulnerability.

[25:05] Laura has developed a methodology for evaluating the absence or presence of candor. Find out how she measures market performance after gathering this data.

[29:27] It’s critical to lead with candor as opposed to “Truthiness”.

[31:51] Is it possible to train people to be more candid?

[35:42] Find out how you can learn more about today’s conversation.

[36:50] Mindfluence success challenge: Learn these 5 behaviors and strategies, and make sure you’re always living and applying them.

[38:22] Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to schedule a free strategy call with Dr. Norton and get some help with your business success or lifestyle goals.

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“Candor is the language of trust, without candor we can’t really trust or be trusted.”

“I think we are in a candor crisis, and why? Because, we live in a huge enveloping culture of fear.”

“Did you get Rittenhoused today?”

“Words are the cloths for our soul.”

“What’s glorious about practicing candor is you get to be more the person you truly are.”

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