065: Kate Sweetman

According to leadership and change expert, Kate Sweetman, when it comes to change, the fundamental starting place is our mindset, our attitudes, beliefs and habits. How many of us really want our familiar and comfortable routines challenged? We may say we want change but not at the expense of our established relationships and ingrained behaviors. Do you want to improve your business and possibly initiate a significant reinvention? Why does Reinvention matter? According to Kate, “the ability to Reinvent Yourself and Reinvent Your Organization will be one of the most important competencies to have in the 21st century. In fact, having this ability may be simply the price of admission to play in today’s global chess game.” Tune in for a transformational conversation with Kate, who says the roadmap for successful change begins with dissatisfaction and is multiplied by high level leadership. Also, stick around until the end for this week’s Mindfluence Challenge so that you can begin to create some new results.

Key Takeaways:

[1:46] Who is Kate Sweetman?

[3:23] Kate breaks down the notion of reinvention, defined as “quantum, individual and organizational change, accelerated”.

[6:28] Prince is an example of how living in constant motion, constant innovation, continuous learning, and having intense curiosity leads to a lot of creativity.

[8:27] How much of what you’re doing today is different from what you did yesterday or a year ago?

[11:04] What is the Peter principle?

[12:42] The Law of 21st Century Business Jungle states: quickly adapt or perish, there’s no such thing as a steady state. Kate elaborates further.

[16:46] Kate speaks about people who’re quick to decide vs. less quick to decide.

[18:58] Dissatisfaction is the first of the five crucial elements to the reinvention formula.

[20:44] Kate speaks on the notion of the blindfolds as it relates to the 6 deadly blindfolds that cause leadership or organizational blindness.

[23:22] Blindfold #1 – Arrogance.

[25:38] Blindfold #2 – Negative feedback not acknowledged.

[27:04] Blindfold #3 – Dismissing competitor successes.

[28:56] Blindfold #4 – We know what’s best for the customer.

[32:05] Blindfold #5 – Believing problems don’t exist.

[34:00] Blindfold #6 – Avoiding the unavoidable.

[37:09] What is the antidote to organizational blindness?

[39:24] Kate shares an interesting interaction she had at a talk she gave on reinvention.

[42:50] Getting in contact with Kate Sweetman.

[43:48] Mindfluence success challenge: Is there something that you’d like to reinvent in your current approach to your work or life in general?

[45:22] Would you like some help with reinvention? Go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to shcedule a free call with Dr. Norton.

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“Complete greatness comes from the willingness to always be in motion.”

“Dissatisfaction is an emotional experience.”

“Our ultimate goal is to not wear any blindfolds.”

“If there’s a foundational blindfold it would certainly be arrogance.”

“You’re avoiding the unavoidable by not changing behavior.”

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