064: Your Desired Future Awaits Your Arrival

What does your future hold? Not sure? Well, what future do you really want to create? If you can’t see it, then it may be due to a lack of focus. You might want to pause soon and give this renewed attention, because you will get to your future whether it’s the one you intend or not. As you’re barrelling down life’s highway, it’s important periodically to make sure you don’t miss a critical turn. It’s also likely that you’ll decide on some different, more meaningful destinations as you continue down the road. Dr. Norton and co-host Bruce Hurley examine how your desired future awaits your arrival and that you can get there more easily. Stick around until the end for this week’s Mindfluence Success Challenge on how you can jump start the process of arriving at your desired future.

Key Takeaways:

[1:22] How can you tune in more clearly to consider your desired future? Can you really create this future? Is that even possible?

[2:37] Could you get to your desired future faster & with greater ease? Are there blockages, blind spots or stuck habit patterns impeding your progress & creating excessive stress on you & everyone around you?

[4:04] Bruce agrees the quickest way to fail is to just stand still and not do anything.

[5:13] Today’s discussion focuses on the bigger picture benefit of a desired future than just achieving goals, outcomes, objectives, visions, etc.

[7:28] Dr. Norton & Bruce clarify the difference between a desired future and having goals.

[9:34] Your business should be supporting your lifestyle, and having a strong sense of what your desired future is plays a key role.

[12:17] What is it you really want? On a deeper vs. surface level!

[13:05] People want liberation from stress and anxiety. How can that be achieved?

[15:38] Why is it a big deal to have certainty around a desired future, even if it changes?

[16:51] Check out episode 62: Why Your Company Needs a Business Diagnosis, which explored dissatisfaction.

[17:55] Today’s focus is related to the last potential dissatisfaction, which is your confidence in having a future that fits your dream outcomes.

[18:39] “Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

[19:44] This is about stepping into your greatness & fulfilling your potential as a human being.

[20:46] Bruce created a list of questions to get you to think about what this desired future looks like for you.

[22:58] What is your biggest picture contribution you can make with your business? What is your most perfect desired lifestyle/future? How do you seamlessly blend your contribution with your lifestyle?

[24:16] What we’re doing right now is what’s going to lead to what we do in the future. But what if we don’t have a sense of what that future looks like?

[25:17] The Unique Compelling Contribution (UCC) at Mindfluence is the tool that is going to lead you to your desired future.

[27:22] What is the foundation of mission?

[28:49] Check out episode 60: Core Purpose… Your Success Foundation, which explored connecting to your core purpose.

[29:37] Also check out the Big Five for Life by John Strelecky, which is relevant to today’s discussion.

[31:08] Are you on the right bus? Bruce uses this analogy to explain the idea of being on the right path that will ultimately lead you to your desired future.

[33:49] Dr. Norton advises to stay alert to shifting destinations & to touching your core purpose, because you can otherwise miss some important signs along the way.

[36:05] Mindfluence success challenge: 1) Get some time alone, and either go for a run or mediate; 2) Open up a notebook, and begin dream writing about your ideal business & lifestyle future (this is your desired future).

[37:00] If you would like help with getting liberated so that you can get to your desired future, go to meetme.so/mindfluencerevolution to shcedule a free strategy call.

Mentioned in This Episode:


The Mindfluence YOUniverse





Big Five for Life by John Strelecky


“Most are compromising their lifestyle to support their business…your business should be supporting your lifestyle.”

“Most people’s lives are have to’s instead of want to’s.”

“Once you’re liberated, you’re unchained to go pursue the things that are part of your desired future.”

“Your reward for making a high level contribution to the world IS your ideal lifestyle.”

“Ask yourself, how would your future look if could have it how you want it?”

“The Unique Compelling Contribution (UCC) at Mindfluence is a tool that is going to lead you to your desired future.”

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