062: Why YOUR Company Needs a Business Diagnosis

Where are you stuck and what do you need to be liberated? We aren’t talking about masking or managing your business problem symptoms, we’re talking about clarifying the cause and truly resolving it. As a result of undiagnosed and unresolved problems, many smart people remain stuck, living and working at less than their full potential. Dr. Matthew Norton and co-host Bruce Hurley explore the dissatisfactions and blockages that affect leaders and their businesses; necessitating a diagnosis and a blueprint for liberation. Stay tuned to the end for this week’s Mindfluence Challenge.

Key Takeaways:

[0:37] Dr. Norton shares a few quotes that resonate with the theme of today’s show.

[1:36] You can’t know what to do to fully recover if you don’t clearly know your underlying condition & what’s preventing you from operating at peak performance.

[3:11] Human factors holding you and your team back from becoming the best versions of yourselves are blockages and the process of breaking free of them is liberation.

[4:52] One of the things you need to be liberated from is the unquestioned status quo.

[5:13] Another things is society’s expectations of you.

[5:58] Another big one is your fears. “You can be frightened or enlightened, but you can’t be both.”

[6:31] We see a lot of stress and overwhelm as blockages.

[8:19] “Diagnosis” is the process of identifying what you need to be liberated from.

[8:47] Bruce always feels like he needs to be liberated from his bad habits like procrastination and poor organization. What do you need to be liberated from?

[9:26] What are the things that are holding you back from living your best life?

[9:53] Imagine what would happen in your business if every member of your team could identify their own blockages?

[11:01] The path of least resistance is the path that you should be on – a path that has flow.

[12:05] Bruce shares a great liberation story on achieving outstanding outcomes in business by letting go of personal blockages.

[17:19] Prior to getting to liberation, it’s important to come to a diagnostic conclusion. How do you begin this diagnostic process?

[18:19] Symptoms and signs: success blockages, fears, stressors, uncertainties, negative patterns, overwhelms, blind spots, etc.

[19:15] Part of this liberation process is a willingness to open yourself up to really seeing yourself; and there are strategies and processes to do this, and it takes time.

[21:11] You can break through your blockages and when you do you’ll be living in a place of liberation which most people don’t even visit.

[22:35] “Blockages” is another way of saying things are out of balance with how you’re expressing yourself and engaging other human beings out there.

[25:23] The key takeaway: It’s not what you’re doing or not doing in your business that’s been holding you back. So what is it?

[27:00] Start by examining your dissatisfactions, to get some clues and be able to see what needs to be addressed.

[28:57] What are some potential dissatisfactions which indicate some action needs to be taken?

[30:21] The positive thing about looking at negative things is that you are empowered to do something about it.

[33:14] In Mindfluence, the opposite of blockage is liberation. “You become liberated by empowering yourself to break through those blockages.”

[35:30] Problems are good symptom clues and a lot of times it takes problems to get help.

[36:53] What does it take to get a full, clear and comprehensive business diagnosis that will lead to a liberation blueprint so you can get the success you’re looking for.

[38:49] Mindfluence success challenge: Brainstorm a list of your dissatisfactions and if you want a free help in doing so, send an email to team@mindfluencerevolution.com.

[40:42] “To solve any problem here are 3 questions to ask yourself: First, What could I do? Second, What could I read? And third, Who could I ask?” – Jim Rohn

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“Don’t let society’s expectations block you from becoming the person you know you can be.”

“The happiest people in the world are liberated people.”

“The most validating thing in the world as a human being is to become free.”

“Action ends dissatisfaction.”

“Almost all of your perceived limitations are self-imposed.”

“You become liberated by empowering yourself to break through those blockages.”

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