The Mindfluence Revolution EP 038: Mary LoVerde

Mary LoVerde is a work-life balance expert and change catalyst. She brings a refreshing perspective on the challenges of long hours, family commitments, crazy travel, and the desire to have a life that includes sleep. She has published four books in three languages and has appeared four times on Oprah. She sits down with Dr. Matthew to talk about how busy professionals can achieve an effective work-life balance.

Key Takeaways:

[1:50] Dr. Matthew introduces Mary.

[4:00] How do people really achieve work-life balance?

[6:40] What’s the disconnection that’s causing you pain?

[7:45] When you connect with others, everything else becomes easier.

[8:40] When we lose track of our center, we lose track of our motivation.

[9:35] What makes a successful marriage? Connection

[11:50] We love looking at our phone because it connects us to others.

[15:10] Why did Mary sell her dream home to travel the world?

[18:10] The actual truth is that winners quit.

[21:45] Knowing when to quit is the hallmark of an authentic life.

[27:15] What do you really fear?

[30:55] Give yourself credit for the good that you do.

[33:40] Examine the things you might need to quit.

[35:20] Challenge of the week? Find where you’re out of balance.


Mentioned in This Episode:



“You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.”

“Feeling good is what work-life balance is all about.”

“You’re never going to get it all done.”

The Mindfluence Revolution EP 037: The Success Power of Educating Your Customers and Public

Why should you educate other people? As Dr. Matthew Norton and Bruce Hurley point out, it’s hardwired in our DNA to learn and becoming a teacher not only builds trust among your customers, but loyalty as well. An informed customer is also a loyal one. Dr. Matthew and Bruce touch on both the positive and negative aspects of teaching when trying to make a difference in someone’s life.

Key Takeaways:

[2:25] In its literal Latin meaning, educate means to lead people away from ignorance.

[5:25] It’s hardwired in our DNA to learn.

[6:10] An educated consumer is always going to be your most loyal fan.

[11:50] Not everybody will be open to new teachings. Don’t get discouraged.

[16:00] What if someone rejects what I have to say?

[20:05] How does Dr. Matthew educate others?

[21:15] You need to be passionate about your message.

[25:00] Always have something educational to hand people.

[30:45] Bruce explains the ‘always have something to invite people to’ strategy.

[32:50] Challenge of the week? Create a new educational presentation.


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“Education is about empathy. It’s about understanding people’s unmet needs and leading them out of the darkness.”

“People go through life either frighten or enlighten.”

“A standard business card is probably the least compelling thing you can give away.”

The Mindfluence Revolution EP 036: Sarah Granger

Sarah Granger is a digital media innovator and the author of The Digital Mystique. Sarah has spent more than 25 years launching, building and growing IT, internet and social ventures. She sits down with Dr. Matthew to talk on the subject of developing a consistent digital brand and building a strong connection with your audience.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Dr. Matthew introduces Sarah.

[3:40] What’s driving Sarah’s passion?

[5:30] How can we create our digital brand?

[8:20] You have to come up with unique ways to use your own voice to get through to others.

[10:00] Get clear of your overall brand before building the online part of it.

[13:40] What two social media platforms should you really focus on?
[17:30] Do you *have* to be on Twitter?

[18:40] What does it mean to have an online platform?

[22:10] Don’t have the time to create a digital presence? Mistake.

[28:40] How can we manage our social media time more efficiently?

[32:40] Community is the essence of the digital world.

[35:10] Dr. Matthew shares the challenge of the week.


Mentioned In This Episode:

The Digital Mystique by Sarah Granger



“The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work.”

“People think they can take traditional marketing strategies and it will work the same on the web. It doesn’t.”

“If they don’t have an online presence, then you’re just shooting yourself in the foot in terms of your marketing.”

The Mindfluence Revolution EP 035: Secrets to a Great First Impression

Within four seconds of meeting someone new, they can automatically vote yes or no to whether you are a winner or a loser. What is the science behind a good impression? Dr. Matthew Norton and Bruce Hurley talk on how you can make a first impression really stick and have your new acquaintance vote yes instead of no.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] The first impression is incredibly important.

[3:55] Smiling makes a good first impression in person as well as on the phone.

[9:30] Why would we vote no to a person?

[11:10] Make eye contact.

[16:10] How can you be socially optimistic?

[19:20] What’s a good handshake?

[23:15] A little bit of small talk can go a long way.

[26:30] Speak positively about yourself.

[32:30] Don’t be late.

[33:40] Dr. Matthew does a quick recap.

[36:00] Challenge of the week? Try to practice these three things: Smile, happy voice, and confidence.

[38:35] Dr. Matthew and Bruce will send you a behavioral test.


Mentioned In This Episode:



“We have about 4 seconds to make an impression before we get assigned a yes or no vote as a winner or loser.”

“Why would we vote no to someone new? For one, it’s safer.”

“If you assume people already like you, then they probably will.”